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Iperó and region has a population nearing 50,000 people. Its rate of population growth has been above average the last five years and this trend is predicted to continue.  One unfortunate statistic is that there is no Baptist church in Iperó. The Lord opened up a very strategic piece of land lay which lay vacant for many years for different reasons. This new subdivision which will be divided into over 200 lots was developed very close to the new center of Iperó. Land is always breathtakingly expensive in Brazil. Needing to build in commercial zones due to regulations added to the price tag, but with the dollar currently strong we felt the Lord’s leading to step out in faith to purchase this property. We are currently making monthly payments. But our desire and petition to the Lord is to have this property paid off by the end of September of 2022 in order to build soon afterwards.

Goal: Pay off property by Summer of 2022 (in order to build and meet in early 2023)

Size of property: 570 sq m (app. 5,700 sq ft)

Price of property: $57,000

*Each rectangle represents one square meter at $1,000.

We bring this project before you to ask you to pray with us in this goal. Maybe the Lord would impress on your hearts to be a part of this project financially either individually or as a church. Our prayer is that a light will be planted on this piece of property and will continue to shine long after we are all gone. These blocks of $1,000 are to help visualize the project. Do not underestimate how smaller gifts from many different individuals can add up as well.

Would you like to be part of this project?


amount needed

US$ 57,000

US$ 57,00


Sep. 15, 2022

last update:

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Click here to give. This will redirect you to a safe site with my mission board Baptist Mid Missions. Then click on the project Brazil Ipero Church Property (800443) to give electronically.

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